Carry Smart

For you shooters and hunters out there, here’s a piece I did for Shoot-On magazine about vehicle carry options. There’s a lot more choices out there than you may think.

The Deadly Nightshade ’Vette

This was a very cool 1958 custom Corvette I did a feature on for issue 97 of Corvette Magazine in 2015. The article is archived here, if you want to take a deep dive into how much work goes into cars like this.



That Perfect Shot

This was always one of my favorite “lucked-into-it” car photos. I was shooting  this Orbit GTObookOrange 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge at the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and happened upon this blue brick wall for a backdrop. Besides the ideal color contrast, the subtle shifts in the color of the bricks gave the impression the car was sitting on a beach with an ocean shimmering in the background. In fact, people usually did a double-take when informed it was shot in front of a brick wall. “I thought it was by the ocean,” they’d say, squinting for a closer look. It ended up being the cover image for my book Pontiac GTO: The Great One (MBI, 2000).



Engine Math

DSC_0005Here’s a meaty tech piece on valvetrain geometry I did a few years ago for The good folks at SAM Racing in Houston always shared their time generously so I could gather all my facts and photos—and there were lots to collect of both for a piece like this.

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