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Welcome! I’m Steve Statham, and I provide copywriting, editing, and photography services through my Statham Communications LLC business. I wrangle words, polish manuscripts, and click the shutter for hire, so please check my Services page for details on how I can help your media enterprise shine.

Who am I? I’m a veteran of the publishing business, having worked as the editor of Musclecar Enthusiast magazine, managing editor at Super Ford, and a freelance contributor to dozens of magazines. As a copywriter, I specialize in automotive and outdoor subjects, but no topic is off-limits. In my editing role, the gates are wide open—I’ve tackled romance novels, westerns, urban fantasy, crime thrillers and more.

Over the years, I’ve had twelve non-fiction books published by Motorbooks and others, and I’ll be re-releasing these periodically as the rights revert. Check back for updates on my automotive books, as this will be my primary home for car-related material. I’m also a writer of fiction, for which I maintain a separate website. If you’re looking for a fun read in the science-fiction and fantasy genres, hop on over to my website.