Welcome! This is the home for Steve Statham’s automotive books, in particular the Muscle Car Action! imprint. I had several books on automotive history published in years past, which made their way to bookstores nationwide, lived out their lives, and eventually went out of print. I’ve had the rights to these titles reverted back to me and am now releasing revised and updated versions, as full-color ebooks optimized for tablet reading and print paperbacks.

These books are in-depth histories of some of America’s most popular and unforgettable cars, incorporating interviews with the people who created them, and illustrated by my own photography. The cars I’ve shot include some of the rarest and most meticulously restored muscle cars in the world. The initial releases will be revised editions of my previously published works, updated with fresh photography not seen in the first editions. But I’ll be adding new and original works to the Muscle Car Action! series as well.

First to get the green light is my history of the 1967-1981 Camaro. Number 2 in the series covers the Pontiac GTO. Look for future volumes, including Dart and Duster, Nova SS, and other exciting entries coming soon! To get the latest updates, sign up for Steve’s classic car email newsletter.

Muscle Car Action! Volume 1, 1967-81 Camaro is a deep dive history into the story of one of America’s favorite muscle cars. A revised and updated version of Steve’s Camaro: Muscle Car Color History book originally released by MBI Publishing, this new edition includes never-before-published photography.

The Pontiac GTO set the stage for the muscle car decade when it was launched for the 1964 year model. It wasn’t just a car, it was a pop culture phenomenon celebrated in song and at cruise nights across the country. This volume in the Muscle Car Action! series is an in-depth history of the 1964-74 Pontiac GTO, with exclusive interviews with key players, production figures, and color and black and white photography by the author, featuring some of the rarest and most meticulously restored GTOs in existence.

Parts of this book were previously published as Pontiac GTO, The Great One, by MBI Publishing. This revised and updated edition includes new, never-before-published photography.

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