Pink Sunset

A piece I did for Ford Performance recently went live. Singular car, great backstory. And it was a genuine pleasure to meet Horace and hear the tale of Pinky, the 1-of-1 1967 390 Mustang special ordered in Playmate Pink.

50 Years of Barrett-Jackson

It was a lot of fun writing this book celebrating 50 years of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. I handled the chapter text, while the Barrett-Jackson team assembled the captions for the treasure trove of photos, plus sidebars, and personal reminisces of key players and celebrities. They did a fantastic job with the layout and design. The book is gorgeous. If you’d like to see how the collector car hobby developed over the past 50 years, and read about some of the most historically important cars to ever cross an auction block, this book is for you.

Money Talks

Ever wonder how prize money is calculated in racing? In this article in the May 2021 issue of PRI Magazine, I talk to track owners and promoters for an inside look at the factors that decide racing purses.

Shelby GT500 Time

I recently had the opportunity to attend Ford Performance’s Shelby GT500 Track Tour at Texas Motor Speedway. Short version: Fun! I’ll have a full report in Shelby, The Official Shelby American Magazine in summer 2021.

Starting Young

There’s a definite youth movement going on in motorsports. I take a look at what’s behind this shift for PRI Magazine.


Count Quotula Strikes

It’s true that I’m quoted in Mike Mueller’s new book, but that’s not why you should buy Muscle Cars in Detail: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1. You should buy it for Mike’s great photography, lively writing, and exhaustive research. This series by CarTech puts all the great muscle cars under the microscope and drills down to the last detail. This book is a great resource for the Mach 1 fan.

Shelby Annual

This is always a fun assignment, inclusion in the Shelby Annual. I’ve got a couple articles in the 2017 edition. Shelby American has expanded its truck offerings, so now the line-up includes the Shelby F-150, Shelby F-150 Super Snake, and Shelby Baja Raptor. I break down the differences between the three in a four-page feature. And believe me, I’ll not soon forget the photo shoot of the Shelby F-150 and F-150 Super Snake in 100-degree August heat. (Thanks, Mac Haik Ford, in Georgetown, Texas, for the assist!)

I’ve also got a piece in this issue on how Shelby works with its aftermarket partners to develop Shelby-specific performance parts. Shelby produces a very good magazine every year, with great historical pieces, insight on the new Shelby autos, and gorgeous photography. 


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